La Voie


La Voie – love at first puff. At first it feels strong, not sweet notes of bergamot and orange blossom, but slightly bitter.

Only then, after a few minutes, something sweet begins to appear.

Jasmine is intertwined with tuberose.

These ingredients seem to move the aroma, make it alive. Surprisingly, while maintaining a certain tenderness and warmth.

The scent is perfect for spring.

The lilac is just beginning to bloom. Fresh days are gently warmed by the sun, under the rays of which you can soak up.

Cherry blossoms, tulips, lilacs. A fresh breeze carries their sweet fragrance. Liberty.

This bottle has a wonderful combination of freshness and warmth, which is associated with a warm spring.

At the end of the day, sweet vanilla combined with cedar smolders like embers in a fireplace.

And the fire in these embers is white musk

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